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Back to school–Senior Year.

For me making it to senior year has seemed like a never ending journey. I remember when I first started seventh grade I began counting off the years I had till I would graduate and now it still seems far off. In reality I know it is right around the corner and as it seems to happen, times flies by faster the older you get. I am starting school again this Thursday and am proud to say I made it to senior year a very different person than I was five years ago.I think some of the biggest growth I had was in between eighth and ninth grade and towards the end of last year into this year. I am more motivated, determined and excited for what the world has to offer me but I am busier and taking on more.Right now, I am battling a lot of fears, which want to take over my inner sanctuary and fill it with stress and disorder. There is definitely a lot on my mind and schedule. I have applications to start filling out, essays to write, the ACT to study for and amidst all of that my mind seems to be teeming with more thoughts and stories to be told than ever before. Not only that but there is the constant battle of standing strong in the face of being questions for my aspirations. Just the other day I was asked how I planned to make money. I don’t really have a plan. i don’t really think about money like that. I just know I will work hard and do what I love and if that isn’t enough to get be by I will have a new learning experience until I can get back to living my dream. I will say as I always do. I am not stupid enough to believe that everything will go my way in life nor am I naive enough to think that my way is the only way. Just because my way doesn’t pan out does not mean there won’t be way. Life goes on and while I know it is important to think ahead and be prepared I also think there is a lot of negativity placed on just going with whatever life brings for you. I think there needs to be more emphasis and positivity towards that. Life should not be written down in a pocket book or penciled into a calendar life ought to be living and doing things you may not have seen coming, in doing so you will learn so much more then even school will teach you and collect an abundance of joy. You can’t plan to be creative or spontaneous you just are … You just take everything life puts on your plate and sample it and see what enriches your life. You let it all be and stop being this or that and instead just be. So how will I make a living or get by in life? I just will be … I will make my living by living and loving and writing and creating and enjoying and being.That is the ultimate lesson I think we all need to learn in life. A lesson I won’t be taught in school this year, though I am ready to learn other lessons there, new worlds around every corner.SO  cheers and luck for my senior year!

Daily Post-Learning

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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