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Book Review ‘ Child Of God’ By: Cormac McCarthy

I find it almost impossible to review one of McCarthy’s books since he is one of my favorite authors. To those who already knew that , it should come as no surprise that I loved this book.There is something about the simple , light way that McCarthy writes about the gruesome and cruel workings of man that draws the reader into a world that seems so far from them and tragically all too real.A story set in another time and place might as well be the script from the daily news in some respects. It is chilling to read something that is so different from the reality of your own life yet reminds you so closely of it in a way you can’t quite pinpoint. Yet, that is why I fell in love with McCarthy’s writing because he writes so flawlessly infinite stories in one book. It seems that one could understand everything he says in some many different lights that even every time you yourself read it you would view something new. Life is dynamic, his story is dynamic and so are the characters… Do you feel pity for Ballard or do you feel anger towards the wickedness of his crimes? Do you question what compelled him to act so or do you wish that he is locked away forever without question. Though it is hard to read and think about the fact that it reflects the horrible actions of many people out there who do unspeakable things to others, it is still a book that needs to be read and processed by everyone. I think it not only is a page turner that evokes thoughts and emotions but also a story that teaches us about true justice. And the title itself can bring so many different thoughts to mind when reading the book. Is that horrible man so to speak a child of god? Or is it more of a twist on the thought against the idea of him being a child of god? I think whatever McCarthy intended by the title is not as relevant in the end as however you see it as the reader. Either way, there is a lot to be learned from this book and obvious ten on my scale.

Let me know your thoughts on this post, book or any ideas for books you would like me to read and review. Thank you.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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One thought on “Book Review ‘ Child Of God’ By: Cormac McCarthy

  1. I was first introduced to McCarthy’s writing through The Road of course, but I never pursued any more of his works. Your review has me certainly rethinking that and I will seriously consider getting Child of God the next time I need to refill my bookshelves!


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