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Song Analysis ‘SillyWorld’ By: Stone Sour

I have been thinking about doing a Stone Sour song on her for a long time and I ended up choosing this song because I myself have mixed feelings about it.So let us just get right into the lyrics and my thoughts on them.


Freedom’s just a word today
Freedom’s just a word
When someone takes your word away it’s seldom ever heard
So take a sentence full of things you’re not supposed to say
Carry on, but don’t write it down or you’ll be gone

Love is just a song today
Love is just a song
When someone takes the song away
you seldom sing along
So take those lyrics serious and sing your life away
Carry on, but don’t write ’em down or they’ll be gone

I really like these first two verses because I think , sadly, it is often the case that freedom is just a word today. Then we get the whole idea of taking a sentence full of things we are not supposed to say, which is mostly likely referring to freedom of speech versus a lack of freedom of speech but also could be taken as saying things that go against what is socially acceptable. Either way, in having to comply with some governmental or social speech boundaries…freedom is lost, as freedom is also lost in many other forms.In a similar way, the second verse speaks of love. To some love is just a song; a dramatic, sappy ,cinematic love song and when that is snatched away as so often happens in those tear-welling lost love stories, you are left saddened so that your throat will not dare to sing along with the strum of the guitar. Yet, the song lets us know that even if love is just a song we ought to take the lyrics seriously and sing our lives away. Love is a serious thing and a joyful thing, but fleeting and there is also something about the confirmation of it seems to make it dissipate even faster.


All we ever do is talk
We like to ride but we never walk
We make it so damn easy
We get bored
Why can’t anybody see what’s good for you is good for me
I can’t take your sillyworld
I can’t take your sillyworld no more

The chorus which repeats later in the song as well also brings to mind many thoughts for me.It seems to me the singer is speaking about how we don’t really stop and enjoy life. Perhaps we spend our time talking about life and all the things we wish to do and accomplish but when it comes to actually getting out and smelling the roses we would rather ride by instead of getting out and walking amidst the blooming blossoms. We make our lives so easy that we get bored, is a very simple set of lines but also a very weighty set of lines. I could not agree more. Easy, falling into a routine and a pace we feel comfortable with is enjoyable for some time but then it just seems to get boring and monotonous and we speak about going off but once again it becomes a question of whether we actually will or not.In truth, it is all a very silly-world and I have those days where I look around me and utter those very words: I can’t take your silly-world no more.

Peace is just two fingers now
Peace was just a phase
When someone put it on a shirt
you knew to count the days
So take those fingers tape ’em up and shove ’em up your ass and carry on
but don’t try it now cause peace is gone

All we ever do is talk
We like to ride but we never walk
We make it so damn easy
We get bored
Why can’t anybody see what’s good for you is bad for me
I can’t take your sillyworld
I can’t take your sillyworld no more

We fight our instincts
We go to extremes
We fight our instincts
We go to extremes

We fought a lot [x13]

My thoughts on the third verse and the end of this song, to sum it all up are more expansive on the human condition itself. Though I have been known to spontaneously raise the peace sign, I can also see how that may be the only thing many people visualize when they think of the word peace. In truth, peace cannot be and ought not to be associated with a symbol alone, in fact, it has nothing to do with that sign at all. It is sad in some ways that we have made this sign that people print on shirts and stuff but don’t really reflect on , pursue of understanding the depth of. It is clear to me that something is lacking in the vast amount of minds today about peace.We fight out instincts, our intuitions and what we know deep in our hearts to be right. We live in a sillyworld where we go against nature. We go to extremes to get the things we want, not stopping to consider the consequences or effects. We live in a sillyworld.

Well, enough of my thoughts on this song. What are yours? Let me know down below and/or any songs you want me to listen to and work through the lyrics on.Thanks.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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