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Humanism in voting.

I myself was not able to vote this year but I still had a lot to think about in regards to the elections. I personally don’t want to make this a battle ground for political views but rather speak of something I find a hardship in this entire process for me. As a humanist, I care about the respect, love, and care for each and every human being upon this earth above our country , an individual state,group,party,policy…etc…etc, all of which do play into trying to make sure we do what is in the best interest of each individual, or at least that is the idea behind this all. I get that this is all easier said then done or at least it is to anybody who thinks that we must go about this one way or another ,blind to the realization that the only way to truly respect, love and care for each human being is not an act of creating laws that institute this for the vast majority but rather an act that must stem from each and every one of our hearts. It is sad to me that few can see this and that many of those that do give up because they think their own actions are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.I think that whole attitude of needing this system, whoever runs it and however they decided to run it, is wrong in many ways. I also think that we have our priorities jumbled severely. Are we voting to make our country better? Are we voting to make our own lives better? Are we voting so that we can  live a life we find easier,happier,safer? Well, that is all great in many ways. I do want to live in a better country and vote for a person I think will make my life happier and safer. That really is a great  thing to aspire to. The real problem is not that we want to aspire to these goals bur rather that we want to reach these goals before the more important matter ,not our loyalty to our country first but our loyalty to humanity as a whole. There are surely some candidates throughout this whole process that at least appear to have at heart a more diplomatic concern for people in general and not just America.I love America. I have freedoms and privileges here that many people do not have elsewhere. I do think that no matter what happens with these elections, somehow it will all be fine , mostly because I personally don’t really value our governmental system as having any real power.When it comes to the act of placing your ballot in the box I would hope you did not only run the questions of your own personal interests and the interests of this country through your head. If I could have voted these elections, I am not entirely sure who I would have voted for but based on being a humanist I know who I could not have voted for. Though I missed the mark and could not vote I still have voted each and every day for something more important that I hope whoever becomes our president will realize and hold at heart.We are choosing the fate of our country and in doing so also altering the course of many lives of others outside of our country. Whose lives will America value lower than our own? Whose life do you value less then your own?Think about those things not only when you come across any voting situation but also as you go about your daily life. We are all human.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below and thank you for reading.

-Eva M.M.




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