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Book Review ‘ The Night Circus’ By: Erin Morgenstern

Perhaps it is my love of the circus, magic and the art of it all that wound me up within this book, which is a must read for you all. ” The Night Circus,”is both a bittersweet love story  and a riveting battle that transpires within the confines of an enchanted circus.The real question left in the mind of the reader ought to be:Is this real or is this not?And Erin Morgenstern surely left me pondering what reality is, what love is and how we are able to wager something so precious as our future in the blinding radiance of love. It is a novel about strength,endurance and perseverance and the conflicting ideas of what these things look like. Who is really strong? Who has true endurance? The circus is a place where people gather to become a part of something mysterious and beyond themselves, yet in the process, they may find a greater part of themselves within the famous black and white striped tents.A circus of dreams that can be more of an awakening for most. A  place full of life where anything is truly possible… it seems to stretch on for eternity and around every corner is something new which seems to manifest itself in an instant and the whole thing will vanish just the same to leave an emptiness as never felt before. This is the feel, the vibe of “ The Night Circus,” a wonderful book which I give a nine and highly recommend to all with any sense of adventure and romance.

But let me hear from those of you who have read this book. What do you think?

-Eva M.M.

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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