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Song Analysis ‘Marked’ By:EMA

When I first came across EMA’s music I was both confused and intrigued. What I like about her music is the truth it holds and the way she goes about conveying it. It has a dissonates about it that at first it quite unsettling to the ear but then you listen to the words and the meaning and the feelings behind them and with the dissonance of the music it all works.I think the words by themselves are very poetic but when you add the tonality of the music and whole new dimension is brought to the art of it. EMA is a truly talented person, who I think many do not have the depth of understanding the power of her music to appreciate. This song, in particular, is one of my favourites, mostly because of the lyrical potency.

EMA-Marked Video


My arms they are a
See through plastic
My arms are a secret
Bloodless, skinless mass

My arms they are a
See through plastic
They’re a bloodless plastic
Skinless plastic

My arms they are
See-through plastic
They are glass

The feeling of these first repeated lines is a deep emptiness, this need to be filled with love, with light with blood with skin with something firm. It seems almost fleeting to me, this passing on because she does not seem grounded or even really, more like a ghost or a phantom than a real human being. There is also the feel of falsehood about it all, see through, as in I can see right through you and plastic. It is all so fragile like glass or delicate and pale feeling light a sickly person who is see through or so bloodless. I like the many different visuals that these lines give me and while the feeling is rather similar for them all there are easily many different ways to interpret these lines, many of which I probably did not even brush upon.

Don’t you know that I would
Never hurt you
You are such a pretty thing

I know I wish sometimes just
So I could explain things
Explain things
I wish that every time he
touched me left a mark

The gentleness yet eeriness of the lines that she would never hurt him he is such a pretty thing give me chills when she sings them. Maybe this is just my reading into it all but it seems like there is something almost unnatural and so deep between the love being described. She loves him, she would never hurt him yet there is the eeriness and the unnaturalness of her being a see through plastic, bloodless… as if maybe she would never hurt him but something is very off kilter all along. Or that there are lies in her saying she won’t hurt him and we can see through her in that respect as well. I can understand the idea of wanting him to leave a mark every time he touched her. There is a romantic and light way of reading that line, yet once again, there is also a very dark way of reading that line and I can’t help but feel that this song is playing on both ways of reading that line.

I fell down in the dark
Don’t you start
I through down for my love
I almost threw up on the spot
When you showed up in the top
I almost threw up on the spot

And I want just to get it out
Get it out

I wish I had another hole to
Get it out (trepanation)

These drugs they are making
Me so sad
I can’t stop taking them
This night it is making me so sad

And if there was a way
To get it out I wanna get it out
If there was a way
To get it out I wanna get it out

Then,of course, the song seem to more openly cascade into an almost delirious state of rambling it seems. The idea of her throwing things down for her love, throwing up and then drugs are mentioned and this constant repetition of wanting to get it out.I  am not sure still, after many years of lsitening to this song, how I really understand these last few lines but it is all very chaotic and dissonance and that same uneasiness washes over me every time that part of the song comes around.

Maybe you all have a better input on this song and I would love to hear what you all have to say about it. I did link you to the song above, so go ahead and listen to it after reading this through and looking and the lyrics and maybe then you might find a different perspective than I have on this song. Thank you as always for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. Have a wonderful day!

-Eva M.M

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”




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