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My dream last night: Romance and Curses.

It seems that it has been ages since I last did one of these posts but last night I had the perfect dream for a post. I remembered most of it and it was not too lengthy, plus it was not too chaotic. As I have said before, dreams fascinate me, they  take place as if in an entirely different world but really it is all within your head, not a far cry from reality, I could argue. Anyway, I hope that this dream makes some sense to you. Cue the dramatic fading dream music!

It is a nice day to go shopping at The Home Depot, I am out with my sister and my father and we are just looking around to see what sort of things might come in handy for this and that around our house. My dad wanders off and my sister follows and I am left alone to look through the various shelves of random things that we will probably have no use for. Surprise ! My aunt walks up and we begin to talk, strange seeing her here seeing as if this dream took place in Minnesota she would not be there and if it took place in Indiana the next person I ran into would not be there. Location is always a little fuzzy in the dream world though.While I am talking to my aunt I notice an employee out of the corner of my eye and he looks familiar and I realise that it is G.Of course, I quickly go up to him and we start talking about how he has been lately, my aunt kind of just disappears into the background. We are chatting and I am definitely blushing when ,all of a sudden ,my dad’s head pops around the corner and chirps in the most casual tone ever, “They have an evil curse kit!”Of course, my little flirting spell as ruined and I am brought back into the moment when G tells me he should get back to work and I follow my dad around the corner to the evil curse kit that he wants to show me.

We end up buying that kit because the next thing I remember in the dream is us sitting in the living room floor at home unboxing it. This is where things really begin to make no sense at all because all of the sudden the curse kit is a real life game.Basically, there are three spells/curses you learn and you use them by pointing your knuckles at somebody and saying the spell. The third spell, however, is so powerful you are forbidden to use it on people,and are only allowed to use it on animals.By the end of the game, I am wondering why my father even invested in such a pointless and evil thing and since this is a dream, I am given no answer to that. Instead, I woke up wondering once again where all these peculiar things in my dreams originate from.

-Eva M.M.

Have you had a similar dream? Is this dream that strange to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thank you as always for reading.

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”






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