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Book Review ” The Girl on the Train” By: Paula Hawkins

My rating (out of ten): 8

Paula Hawkins writes a novel that takes you on a riveting, thrilling ride with Rachel Watson as she finds herself caught in a web involving her ex-husband. Every page will have you questioning who is telling the truth and who is hiding behind their lies. Even you will second guess yourself, wondering if you have unravelled the whole mystery of it.

Rachel Watson, single, divorced, alcoholic, wakes up one morning after heavily drinking again and is left with only fragments of the night before. When Megan Hipwell is reported missing, the wife of Scott Hipwell and tenant of the house next to her ex’s, she becomes desperate to figure out the events of the previous night. Can she piece together what happened? Facing a police force who does not believe a word she says and a mirage of familiar faces that end up not being so supportive, what will happen in Rachel’s life. When her ex’s family becomes further involved in the investigation and her life becomes even more chaotic, will Rachel spiral even further out of control or will she find her footing?

This book is quite the page turner and has even been made into a film of the same title this past year. It is sure to sit well with anyone seeking a thrill, mystery, crime novel, or just a little something different to read.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts in the comments below. Have you read this book or seen the movie? If so, did you enjoy them? What did you like about the book? And, if you have any book suggestions that you think were a good read and that I would enjoy let me know. Thanks.

-Eva M.M.

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