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i have done you wrong


all i love is falling from my palms,

pressed against my weeping heart.

i have loved the rankness of decay,

for it is known, all that breathes must waste away.


memory is vile to me,

villain it is that turns time stagnant,

the present merely a constant replaying of the past;

it coagulates and curdles

bold love that dares to rule my corrupt heart.


is it that the shade is drawn,

no light to see the craters of my chaos?

can it be that i am merely a shadow

of eternity,

the manifestation of all things

that bear the name sorrow?

i love you

as the stars the glisten on your brow.

you are more to me than air

that pricks my weeping lungs,

with each lonely breath, i call for.

i’m sorry

this hurts me to say

i’m sorry     i miss you


i love you.

-Eva M.M.

-For there is a hole since you left.

Thank you as always for reading and commenting your thoughts.

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”




I am a young and enthusiastic writer, fresh out of highschool and into college at IUSB. I babysit and work and live life to it's fullest. I write. I read. I do yoga. And plan to become. Yoga intructers as well. I grew up on a farm and can't,t wait to move back to the country in my tiny house I have already planned out. Sometimes I'm a little melodramatic but rarely. I'm a spiritual healer, a hopeless romantic, a book worm, and very nostalgic. Thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “loss

    1. Many things are true both for me and for those out there. This is one of those.but as with most things,eventually, somehow, it will all be okay. thank you for reading an sharing that feedback with me. It reminds me of the power of words.

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