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Outside the zone

of comfort

I am


a little




unsure of myself

unsure of

all that is

around me

all that

surrounds me

Unsure how to act

Unsure of

my own uncertainty

What is to be

but what already is?

It seems that sometimes

I am not entirely sure of

unsure of what?

Unsure of what I am

or if I am truly unsure

Maybe I know

more than I give myself credit.

Maybe I don’t know

as much as I credit myself

It is all a little hazy

like the fog that rolls in

after a steamy summer night

dewdrops and delirium

the dizziness sets in

dulling my bones

weakening my structure

I can feel my feet slip

the pang of terror in my eyes

before the sudden blur of falling


Falling where all things are forgotten

for nature has sung

all that breaths must waste away

even the warming tendrils of memory

which wrap themselves around me

even they too shall fade

curl away into thin air

like tiny wisps of smoke

the faint traces of which

one can only detect

in an alert mood

with emotions turned in

to what they lost

what time stole from them

when they were too busy

breathing away each moment



unsure of it all

my uncertainty lingers

but for a moment






-Eva M.M

Note: I decided to not use any punctuation except questions marks, the … and the last period. Most of the lines flow into the next or it should be evident how they fit together. If not though, I can clarify anything I need to in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me below.

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



I am the author of and am currently working on a book of poems. To find out more check out my about me page as well as my page about my blog and welcome to the ink angels community.

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