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Favorite Versions: “Ring of Fire” By: Johnny Cash


It is the time again when I choose a song and listen to over a hundred versions at least and then share with you some of my favourites and the reasons why I liked them. Today I wanted to share with you some spectacular versions of a song I think we all adore, ” The ring of fire

In no particular order….

  1. Home Free – Ring of Fire (featuring Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix) [Johnny Cash Cover]

I enjoyed this version because who does not like a good acapella version of any song? But also, it wasn’t just a classic version of the song done acapella style, it had a twist.

2.Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash (Cover)

I loved this artists version because her voice had this slight twang to it occasionally but yet most of the song was this gentle, softer version.

3.Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

This version is actually a guy playing a accordion, which I found many versions with accordions but his was my favourite out of them.

4.Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash (Janet Devlin Cover)

If you have not heard Janet Devlin sing then you do not know how her Irish-tinted voice is so enchanting. I adore this cover. Her voice and the ukulele melt so perfectly together for a lighter version of the song.

5.Johnny Cash – “Ring of Fire” | Grand Ole Opry Classics | Opry

Because the list would not be complete without the legend himself singing his song.

6.Sheryl Crow – “Ring of Fire” (June Carter Cash version / with Autoharp)

This version is a more traditional country version performed by the amazing Sheryl Crow.

7.Adam Lambert – Ring of Fire (Studio version)

Adam’s voice in this version is just so seductive, rocker style and yet has got the same effect as the orginal but just goes about it a different way, although I think this version clasps onto the wild and gripping effects of love very well.

8.Santoni Family – Ring of fire (Johnny Cash)

I think overall this cover isn’t that outstanding to me, but the harmonies and great and the family is really talented and the little boy with the tambourine is on point so it is definitely a cover to listen to.

9.Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire cover – Busking in the streets of London, UK

A very classic version but this guy is very coordinated and a wonderful street musician.

10.Juan – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash Cover)

Classic deep voice version!

11.Chris Isaak & Conan – Ring of Fire

An unique sounding version of the song that I would not put at the top of my list but think is worth a listen.


12.RING OF FIRE – Johnny Cash song Cover with UKULELE by Angel Rock

Another interesting ukelele version.

13.FRONT PORCH SESSIONS: Ring of Fire Cover

Another great version by two talented people.

14.Waxx “Ring of fire” ( johnny cash cover )

I adore the subdued, breathy feel to this version yet it still has the edge of the original song but it is almost like the pain of  ” burning” is felt so much in his voice.

15.Grace Jones – Ring of Fire

I love a good reggae version of any song.

Thank you for reading and listening to these versions as well. I am curious which numbers did you like the most? And are there any versions you have heard that didn’t make the list. Feel free to share the link in the comments for any versions you want me to check out.

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