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The Yoga Diaries: Christmas 2013.

Every yogi learns that when you have your own yoga mat you become more connected with your practice and self. I spoke last time about how in the ninth grade I encountered yoga again after years of not having it even cross my mind. It was also at this time, when I began regularly attending yoga but was not yet the raving fanatic that I now am, that my mom bought me a yoga mat and yoga block for Christmas.My mat is perfect for me. My mother not knowing the weight of the color choice for me but rather assuming that I would simply like the color, bought me a lavender mat with a beautiful pattern on it. Lavender is my spirit color, which for me as a spiritualist is an actual thing rather than just a figure of speech or something I talk about casually. I am thinking od even getting my hair done in my first year of college a light lavender. I digress…The yoga block that she bought me also matched in the same lavender color.

Picture0328171622_1 uyoga


There is something about rolling out your mat before each practice and feeling the slight shift of is as you go from cobra to a downwards facing dog and then wiping it down and rolling it up at the end of a session that makes one fall all the more in love with the art of yoga. I don’t think everybody needs to try to figure out which yoga mat will speak with them on a spiritual level but I do think that if you are in the market for a yoga mat that you ought to walk around and see which one just sticks out to you. Find a yoga mat that you like the looks of and that you would want to do yoga on. Find a yoga mat that will make you feel like everything you have ever needed is there on that mat with you in your practice and in your heart. Other things to also look for though, on more practical terms, are maybe a mat that comes with a carrying case or straps of some sort because simply rolling a mat up can  be a nuisance to have to hold so that it does not unravel. Mat’s also come in slightly different lengths so finding one hat works with you if you are taller might be something to consider but usually it is at the bottom of your priorities list.

Keep in mind: Some yogis may prefer a softer touch, whereas others may like the roughness of the more natural mats.

Any other thoughts on yoga mats and/or questions/comments about yoga?

-Eva M.M.

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