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Book Review: ” In the wood” By: Tana French

My rating ( out of ten): 8

Looking for a murder mystery that dives deep into the pathos of the human mind? Looking for a story with a twist that takes place in the Irish countryside? Well, then this is the book for you. Tana French pens a stunning must-read in which two murder cases weld together past and present as one man struggles to decipher the truth in the face of his own battles.  Detective team Maddox and Ryan are a perfect pair able to solve any case they work on together but the weight and tragedy of the case strain their relationship. We are allowed to see this tension between the two main characters as well as their inner lives without anything being taken away from the depth and intensity of the plot.

I am actually going to Ireland this summer and after reading this book, I am a little weary of going into the woods and at the same time I am lured by the beauty of it.  I hope that if you also pick up this book, you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Have you already read it? If so, what are your thoughts on this book? Also, I welcome any suggestions from you guys as well on books that you think I would enjoy reading.And most importantly, thank you as always for reading.

-Eva M.M.

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