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the looking glass ( 3.28.17)

Still as the moment,

I stand on the shore

watching the stillness,

water pulled into glass

and I look back at myself.

We only see what we want

to see

is to deceive,

to believe

that we are infinite finite beings.

I slowly trace circles against my wrists.

I muse    internally    and eternally

that nobody else seems to notice

the slow draining of life from our world,

that freedom is a bursting of arteries

and that we all question the power of compassion.


I am motionless


waiting for something to s h a t t e r the illusion

that I exist separate from existence.


I hear

the crinkling of crisp autumn leaves embracing the earth,

footsteps approaching.

I am not


All is tainted with the faint music of holding on to Now as it passes.

The gentle whisper of the trees, mother and child, soothing,

a conversation muffled by the sweet melody of weary birds.


The breeze raises tiny mountains on my arms,

the slight smile of sunlight upon frailty

and all labeled , existence.


I taste

the salt, the mineral flavor of red.


Foot follows foot.

I wave into the glass.

It taps against my ankles

cutting a lattice work of penetrating cold.

I watch the stillness shatter,

shards of light  breaking down light.

I no longer see myself in the disturbed surface.

I wade further in.

The water, saturating my clothes,

suctions me to the moment

and I know

we are all afraid

to go deeper

I desire,

dive beneath the blurred blackness.

I open myself to all it has to offer.

My eyes milky with the film of microscopic life.

My lungs burn.

I fall

and then

I exist




-Eva M.M.

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”

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