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Living in the moment in tension with wishing away time.

A while back, as my senior year was speeding to a halt, two of my friends shared with our school during morning prayer about the dangers of wishing away time. I could relate in that for my entire time at school I had been waiting eagerly for the day I would be handed my diploma and set free into the world.  A world which I have been told is both cruel and unrelenting but also gentle and beautiful beyond my comprehension . I’m supposed to be excited and enthusiastic but also ,according to my peers, I should be afraid and regretful of wishing away the time I did have. While I do see the importance of living in the moment and not wishing away time, I also see the tension between these two. Paradoxically how can one live in the moment and not wish away time if in that very moment they want time to fly past them. If they were to not wish away time in that moment but that in fact was how they felt then in some twisted away wouldn’t they not be living truly in the moment but instead trying to alter the sensations, thoughts and feelings they were feeling right then and there. To say I regret wishing away time is not something I wish to do because it makes the person I was and the way that I felt when I was wishing away the time seem invalid. Will I miss some things about my highschool life? Yes! Will I miss my friends, classmates and teachers? Yes! Do I regret all of the times I said,  ” I can’t wait for this to be over?” No!  While I do agree with the things my friend spoke about and do not take away from the value of the lessons they spoke, I do mean to offer my view on the whole situation. Is it really regret from wishing away time which would make their feelings when they wished the time away invalid or is it rather fear for what is to come and sadness at leaving the comfort and familiarity of their current lives?

I have said it many times; I know the road ahead of me will be no walk in the park. I know, relatively speaking, I have had an easy life with most things handed to me. I have always had someone to provide for me, someone there to look out for me and it is scary on a certain level that now I will be almost 100% responsible for my own well being. I will learn the real weight and responsibility of adulthood. Yet, I am ready and have been for years in one sense or another. This is my time to make my own terrible choices instead of having them made for me.

Maybe there is no right way.

Maybe we just have to keep wishing for time to speed by.

Maybe all we can ever really do is live in the moment.

-Eva M.M.

What do you think on this topic? Thank you as always for reading! 😄



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2 thoughts on “Living in the moment in tension with wishing away time.

  1. I think God must be trying to say something to me! I was just this morning reading one of my favorite books, “Ruthless Trust” by Brennan Manning. He was writing about staying in the “nowhere” – “now here” with complete trust that being fully present to the here and now is what matters most.To quote the author directly, “It is an act of radical trust – trust that God can be encountered at no other place than the present moment. Being fully present in the now is perhaps the premier skill of the spiritual life.” And, “To live in the present moment requires profound trust that the abundant life Jesus promised is only experienced in Nowhere.” Thank you for speaking to my journey!


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