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Erectile disfunction

This world is not what it used to be.

Infatuated  with violence,protests,and tear gas infested street corners

dim with the light of our ignorance.

I kneel to pray for more


by piece

the world I grew up in is torn and tattered,

a battered flag still bravery wavering in the wind.

Happy fourth!

Happy fucking fourth of July!

Take pride in

drunken fights and chasing your dreams.

Take pride in pride 

but never Pride.
This world is not what it used to be.

The warmth of sitting room jazz

that wafted like cooling windowsill pie

to my eager and attentive ears.

Youth has been slaughtered by modernism.

We age with age.

Womenhood does not entice me like skating on a jagged winter pond

or falling asleep on the lawn

to the melody of woodwork being born,

the zig zagging hack of the saw.

It’s not hard

to imagine being soft

to the placcidity of robots

and industrialization

but I yearn for life before the little blue pill,

one we all  gladly swallow 

along with all the others in our tray, 

channels 25, crinkled paper with coffee stain.

Arthritis  and unauthorised rebellion  don’t mix in my mix.

These knees don’t work like they used to.

I still lust after what once was

the emblem of my glory days

apart from the mire that has become our world

is not what it used to be.

– Eva M.M.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. In all seriousness though this is a reflective poem on the corruption of the world today and longing for a past yet still accepting what is before us, I do wish you all a truly happy fourth. Here is to freedom and hope for better days.



I am the author of and am currently working on a book of poems. To find out more check out my about me page as well as my page about my blog and welcome to the ink angels community.

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