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There are a lot of things I do not understand, like how minds paint skyscrapers against the windy horizon, and how in a world entirely apart from you, I am still suffocating beneath the intensity of your words.

Today I was in Chicago for the first time that amounts to anything. I could probably rant on and on about every tiny detail I can remember but I’d rather take the atmosphere for what it was as a whole .

Being in Chicago reminded me of every time I have found myself in any city for a significant period of time. Each has its own rythm, its own breath , its own inhale and exhale. Chicago’s reminded me a little of diving into a deep dark and myterious pool ever deepening, ever widening,in which diversity is found at every corner. Yet, you must rush to the top to catch your breath and make sense of what you have seen before letting the chill hit your face again as you dive beneath the surface.

While in the grand scheme of things I hardly saw the tip of the iceberg, I still feel that I walked away with a greater sense of Chicago. For all of you out there who adore the city or call it your home, I must admit I have never understood all of the hype. But here and now I will say , I get it, I get the pulse and the life of that Windy City. I still do not want to live there but I do want to go back. I look forward to going back and immersing myself in its culture once again. I do better that way. Wandering the world with my pen in my hand. I become lost in worlds that I morph into. In some ways, I see myself as somewhat of a chameleon , always absorbing the colors and tones of the world around me and camoflaging into those atmopsheres.

There are a lot of things I still do not understand. I am mesmerized by the genuis and inguinity of people. I stand in awe of the dreams people made concrete, people made steel , people let their dreams stand and scrape against the sky. And I? I’m still here, a speck compared to those grand structures, those works of art and  that jumbled mass that beats as one, torn and united all at once . It screams humanity to me.

I walk away at the end of today wondering why in the shadow of such diverse creativity and ingunity, I feel like I have been hollowed of all thought.Clearly, the fact that I am writing this instead of taking a much needed power nap before our bus pulls back onto campus, shows I am not devoid of thought. In fact, my thoughts are fueled. Yet, I feel a tranquil emptiness that does not lack sad undertones, but is overpowered by a contentment I often find when I drink in a new world.

I am ready to sleep. I am ready to reflect more on this all soon but for now more than anything I am ready to breathe in the chill of the November night on a brisk walk home .

-Eva M.M.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day my lovely ink angels.


Eva Monhaut is a sophomore at IUSB, majoring in English, and double minoring in French and Sustainability Studies with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is a member of the French and Sustainability Clubs as well as the IUSB Honor’s Program. She is also President of the English Club. She is an avid reader who also enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and experimenting with different forms of art. She loves cats, coffee, and sparkling water. In her time at IUSB, she hopes to share with others the joys of reading and writing, as well as continue to work on her own writing. After she graduates, she hopes to spend a few years abroad in France then settle down in her tiny house. She has worked with the Pub Hub since its infancy in January of 2018.

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