About 1withthepen

I started 1withthpen.wordpress.com in August of 2015, but 1withthepen really started a long time ago when I first began to write. In fact, it began even before I held a pen in hand, as a young child weaving stories and lives in my head, some of which I would later go on to write.I hope to do a post soon about where I decided on the title for my blog and the creative process behind putting together this website and when I do I promise to link it directly on this page for you to read further on. For now, however, I wanted to say a few words about what 1withthepen is compiled of.

Two years ago I decided to start a literary blog where I would review books, write my thoughts on songs that I loved and maybe occasionally a rant or two about the flow of my life and my philosophy, I wanted things to be open and free and let the pen take me where it would. But I have and will always be a poet at heart and so reluctantly, since I had never taken the step of sharing my poetry before, I strayed away from the posts I had been sharing. I began to share my poetry. I still do book reviews, song analysis as well as many similar things to when I started this blog, but 1withthepen is and always will be connected heart to heart with me poetry. It breaths,embodies and I hope glorifies my humble strings of words. My hope is that is touches those who read it just as much as it resonates and floods me with emotion as I write it.

So I want to thank you, my dedicated readers, my little ink angels and those new to my blog. Thank you for stopping by for continuing to read my posts, for your feedback and for walking this tumultuous road with me.

If you would like to know more about 1withthepen stay tuned for some planned content on my creation of it and feel free to leave questions on any of my posts. If you would also like to know more about me check out my about the author as well leaving your questions in the comments below.

-Eva M.Monhaut