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NYC & Internal Strife

It has already been a couple of years since my first adventures in The Big Apple. Now, I have more to report after my brief but bustling two day trip in NYC.

NYC reminds me of a hyperactive toddler being handed a king size Hershey’s bar and a large bowl of ice cream. The secret pulse and rhythm of the city still amazes me. Everything has a pace and a place. Everything is moving or moving towards moving and where there is a stillness it is always a stillness with purpose.

NYC also reminds me a little of human beings and internal strife. Compacted into such a relatively small space for everything that NYC has to offer is a mix of hope as well as fear; love as well as discrimination and hate; dreams coming true as well as shattered desires lining the side walks like discarded trash. NYC is truly a discombobulated yet cohesive environment of its own time, space, and dimensions.

So are we…

This time in NYC I found myself thinking a lot about where my current roads are leading me in the future. I thought about my own struggles and battles with adversity, facing my fears and faced with the facts that I still can not overcome many of them. It was a sucker punch to the gut realizing that I have come a very long way and added many miles to my internal strifes but yet have gone full circle in many respects.

Just like my late night wanderings in the city that never sleeps so to does my mind wander endlessly till it is sore and fatigued searching for a hidden purposes sheltered by blinding light, fear and renewal. The skyscrapers that lurk and tower over my inner being mimic those that towered over my entirely in Times Square.

Maybe this trip was not about what I thought it was going to be. I walked into this feeling lucky I was given such an opportunity and grateful that I had decided to take it. By the end, ready to go home , defeated, I realized this trip was not about relaxing or sight seeing NYC at all. This trip was about being forced to face things I have been ignoring in the simple security of life’s daily monotony. The complexity, unfamiliarity and unpredictability of NYC was simple the mirror in front of me challenging me to take much needed time to reflect and to no longer neglect my own internal strife. In the heart of a city swarming with traffic, mobs of selfies snapping tourists and irritated New Yorkers while lost navigating the subway I found answers I have been searching for for quite some time. In that internal strife I found the answers to mine.

– Eva M.M.

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Thank you for reading and letting me know any questions, comments or recommendations. I would love to hear about your own personal experiences with NYC.

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”

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There are a lot of things I do not understand, like how minds paint skyscrapers against the windy horizon, and how in a world entirely apart from you, I am still suffocating beneath the intensity of your words.

Today I was in Chicago for the first time that amounts to anything. I could probably rant on and on about every tiny detail I can remember but I’d rather take the atmosphere for what it was as a whole .

Being in Chicago reminded me of every time I have found myself in any city for a significant period of time. Each has its own rythm, its own breath , its own inhale and exhale. Chicago’s reminded me a little of diving into a deep dark and myterious pool ever deepening, ever widening,in which diversity is found at every corner. Yet, you must rush to the top to catch your breath and make sense of what you have seen before letting the chill hit your face again as you dive beneath the surface.

While in the grand scheme of things I hardly saw the tip of the iceberg, I still feel that I walked away with a greater sense of Chicago. For all of you out there who adore the city or call it your home, I must admit I have never understood all of the hype. But here and now I will say , I get it, I get the pulse and the life of that Windy City. I still do not want to live there but I do want to go back. I look forward to going back and immersing myself in its culture once again. I do better that way. Wandering the world with my pen in my hand. I become lost in worlds that I morph into. In some ways, I see myself as somewhat of a chameleon , always absorbing the colors and tones of the world around me and camoflaging into those atmopsheres.

There are a lot of things I still do not understand. I am mesmerized by the genuis and inguinity of people. I stand in awe of the dreams people made concrete, people made steel , people let their dreams stand and scrape against the sky. And I? I’m still here, a speck compared to those grand structures, those works of art and  that jumbled mass that beats as one, torn and united all at once . It screams humanity to me.

I walk away at the end of today wondering why in the shadow of such diverse creativity and ingunity, I feel like I have been hollowed of all thought.Clearly, the fact that I am writing this instead of taking a much needed power nap before our bus pulls back onto campus, shows I am not devoid of thought. In fact, my thoughts are fueled. Yet, I feel a tranquil emptiness that does not lack sad undertones, but is overpowered by a contentment I often find when I drink in a new world.

I am ready to sleep. I am ready to reflect more on this all soon but for now more than anything I am ready to breathe in the chill of the November night on a brisk walk home .

-Eva M.M.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day my lovely ink angels.

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The man with the red boots.

Remember when we talked about Romeo and Juliet ?

You said , ” Hopefully our story ends better than theirs.”

I say, ” If it’s going to end then I don’t care how it ends. ”

The truth is, they are overrated. I would want us to be remembered as something better.

Tell me what you think of these :

Bone and bone.

Blood and blood.

 You were the water

but I was the flood.

The ignorant American and the bilingual Irishman.

Fuck it, this list sucks,

the rosy cheecked girl

and the man with the red boots.

– Eva M.M.

” The pen and I, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”

Thanks for stopping by in addition I had a question for you though I would also love to still hear from you about this poem. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a Q & A type post. If so let me know below or on any of my posts with any questions you have for me. Anything is fair game and if it seems enough people are interested I will consider tossing together a small Q and A post. Thanks.

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Back from my trip and nestled into my daily routine again, at least for the next two weeks before that is all shaken up,I am finally getting around to sharing some of the details from my trip to Ireland with you. I thought about how I wanted to do this and what I wanted to share with you a lot and decided I was going to have to break what I wanted to say up into smaller sections to give you an overview. If I spent the whole time talking about one thing you would not get a feel for how the entire trip went. Instead of getting bogged down in the nitty gritty this might be more general and brief than I had originally thought but I hope it gives you an idea of the splendor of Ireland and the adventure that I had as well as some ideas of what to see if you to go to Ireland someday.

First impressions: 

We flew in to Shannon airport from Chicago so you can imagine the major culture shock. I was convinced that we were the only flight that had ever landed at the airport, utterly quiet except the rolling of suitcases wheels and stamping of passports. We hardly took more than half an hour to disembark, go through customs, use the bathroom and pick up our rental car. Another thing one notices immidiatly is how fresh the air is and how friendly everybody is as well. I wrote in my journal that evening, ” Ireland is green, green, and more green. So many shades of green that I wasn’t sure even exsisted.”

Taken from a overlook on the way to our B&B.

Day 1: We did a lot that first day but also not very much sight seeing. I would simply say that Dingle and Dingle Town is way more of a tourist town than I thought but that being said you should go their. That is where we spent most of our time, in an old farmhouse on the pinnusula. The shops in town are worth a walk through and there are many places to eat. We went to a couple of different places there. The Reel Dingle had amazing, huge portions of fresh fish and chips with lots of options.

 Day 2 

We went to Killarney National Park to see the Muckross house and Abbey. If you are into yours and history definitely of on the house tour. I personally am not but as far as tours go it was a good one. If you are more like me and like free styling and exploring things yourself go to the Abbey. It is like an old Castel you just walk through yourself and there are all these passageways and tunnels. I wanted to play a game of hide and seek there. It has an old yew tree in the center. Here are a few pictures from it. Overall, the park itself is just beautiful. We did not walk got here waterfall but I am sure it is beautiful. They also have bikes you can rent and horse drawn carriage rides. The city of Killarney has a lot of offer as well though we spent our day mostly in the National Park.

Day :6 I think. I kind of lost track.

Anyway, if you get a chance you ought to go to Brandon Creek and Mt. It was a quiet place perfect for clearing your head or reading. And their is a beautiful view from the Mt. And you can walk up the hills a little.

Make sure at some point you just drive all around Sleigh Head Dr on the Dingle Pinnusula and stop at the different pull overs. It is so beautiful. We drove it at least three times. We found a coffee shop/pottery store one time which I unfortunately don’t have the name of but it was delicious and they had free WiFi. There are also many beaches along the way to stop and take a look.

We also visited Inch-Strand beach which was kind of a more populated place but beautiful none the less.

On our last day we went up to Galway. Which is a wonderful place with many shops, palces to eat, and street musicians though, I must be honest, I can’t inform you very much in what you ought to do there because I wasn’t paying a while lot of attention to the place itself. 

Of course, you have to visit the Cliffs of Moher. I thought people were crazy for standing on the edge but the view is amazing.

Overall, I am not the best at travel posts. For my first time out of the country I could not have asked for a better vacation. Ireland was the hiatus I needed from the fast paced, self centered culture I am used to.

I hope this gives you a least a glimpse into my trip and some ideas for traveling to Ireland and I would be happy to elaborate further or answer any questions you have in the comments below as well.

– Eva M.M.